“Da Gospel Way” Achieve Radio Airplay Charting

About The Artist “Da Gospel Way”


Straight out of Houston, Texas is one of the hottest Christian Rappers who goes by the name “Da Gospel Way” (D.G.W)! He was recently discovered through a rare opportunity which he received an international major radio airplay campaign by Devine Jamz Gospel Network. This strategic campaign is offered to only the most gifted and talented recording artists that soar in various genres.  Up until recently, this rising superstar somehow managed to go under the radar. After listening to his newest creation and hit songs “Without Love” and “You Saved Me”, we immediately knew the songs were made for radio airplay around the world! A major radio expert who managed mainstream artists concluded that D.G.W. could not only gain traction in the Christian/Gospel/Christian Rap market, but he also has potential to crossover into mainstream Urban and Hip Hop radio markets!

Currently, D.G.W receives tons of guaranteed national and international major radio airplay, weekly spins in the hundreds, monthly spins in the thousands, national airplay charting, tracking reports, Public Relations, and digital news exposure on several marketing portals!  By the end of his 3-month long campaign, his music is expected to be heard by thousands that replayed and shared the songs with other listeners and promoters.




D.G.W. Inspiration For Creating Music


Inspired by the never changing grace of Jesus, D.G.W uses a mix of scripture and his personal life events to express what he calls “Jesus Music”. Born in Houston, Texas D.G.W was exposed to Gospel music at an early age. It was a seed planted in him by his father. He was heavily influenced by artists such as The Winans, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Williams Brothers, and many others! D.G.W has taught himself to play many instruments, as well as produce his own music. This father of 4 is the founder of Christ Records whose mission is to lead many souls to Jesus and change as many lives as they can reach.


The Making of “Without Love” Now In Rotation


D.G.W sat down with producer Jerrile Wilcox and listened to the music production for Without Love. Immediately, the spirit took over and guided D.G.W. to write the lyrics for the world to receive. He really felt how the song was coming along and was led to contact his cousin U.K. who sing the vocals and the hook. In less than 24 hours the song was complete. “The Lord brings all things together for the good for those that love Him! Without love, we can’t expect there to truly be good” – By D.G.W.



D.G.W. Testimony Correlates To His New Songs


D.G.W. has been through a lot in his young adult days. He was homeless, sleeping in cars and shelters as well. He did not have the support that he needed when he fell flat on his face. At 19 he was set up and almost killed for something he was not involved in. Through all the bad times, God kept him alive! He is now living a purpose driven life and sharing the Gospel through his music!


Airplay Charting For The Week of 11/12/2017 – 11/18/2017


Right from the start of our international airplay campaign, D.G.W. music was received and played by local radio stations in Houston, Texas. He was given amazing love! His local stations played his Single at least 10 times every day of the week! Also, cities such as Birmingham Alabama maintained a great rotation by their local radio station which played “Without Love” at least 8 times daily for the week of 11/12/2017 – 11/18/2017. How amazing it is to see that D.G.W. is already getting some traction in his debut radio campaign. Its obvious others felt what we did when we first listen to the song and loved it from the start.

Jackson, MS, Cleaveland, OH, ST. Louis, MO, Atlanta, GA, and Chicago, IL are just some of the other cities that can be added to the list of supporting radio stations giving this spotlight recording artist mad love on the airwaves! In all, it was a very good week for D.G.W and we are delighted to be the first to publicize the wonderful results for his 1st week of Global Radio Airplay from real verifiable radio stations!

D.G.W Single landed #144 on the DRT Global Top 150 Independent Airplay Chart and he has much time left to press forward! We have more radio stations to market to so we will provide our next update a week from now.



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