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In week 5 of our national radio campaign, the Single “Without Love” by “Da Gospel Way” received 706 spins, the highest count to this date! Just when we thought that the song had peaked at just over 600 spins going for adds on week 4, REX XM Radio Station in Los Angeles, CA jumped on board with other global radio broadcasters and put the song in their rotation.  REX XM Radio averaged 15 plays each day from 12/10/2017 to 12/16/2017 giving the impression that west coast listeners are a crucial reason for Da Gospel Way Charting at #121 on the DRT Global Top 150 Independent Airplay Chart! To date, Da Gospel Way received a total of 3,365 verifiable spins and still counting! I think it’s safe to say that “Da Gospel Way” now have a new target fan base in Cali and people are receiving his anointing from the Lone Star state of Texas! Devine Jamz Gospel Network could not be happier for Da Gospel Way. He truly earned what God is currently doing for him. This is a man of God who doesn’t ask what people can do for him. Rather, he shows what he can do for the kingdom of God while using his own capital. Da Gospel Way ensure that opportunities don’t pass him by waiting for a handout!



When we come across talented men and women like this we feel compelled to do everything possible to lend an extra hand. Devine Jamz Gospel Network added Da Gospel Way to our roster for a one year Free Public Relations Promotion which will cut down his expenses promoting the Gospel through music! He has shown himself approval to our Lord and savior in many ways. At the very least we will help cut the expenses with our resources and teamwork! Congratulations go out to “Da Gospel Way” for his unselfish commitment sharing the Gospel through airwaves, devices, and platforms around the nation!

National Airplay Charting

National Airplay Charting

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